I’m Going to France!

Seriously don’t even know where the last five months went. 

I headed home to Connecticut for Thanksgiving, and had the best time with my family.  Coming back to Florida, and leaving the light snow was pretty difficult.  I barely got back into the groove of things before it was time to go back for Christmas.  It was the most relaxing and fun two weeks with my family and friends.  Then we came back to the Sunshine State.

Our product shot in Lighting 2
Our Lighting 2 group at our 1-5am lab 🙂

So, since my last post I’ve been in eight more classes.  October wrapped up History of Motion Picture Arts and Photography. Both interesting classes, but definitely not my favorite.  I’ve never been one to get too jacked up with History.  November was literally the toughest month I could imagine.  I’m not a writer…(as I write a blog) and this month was all about just that.  With Creative Writing and Storytelling we had to write multiple short stories, and learn the art of script writing.  It really made me appreciate those who can write, and those who can evoke emotions with just their words.  It’s pretty powerful stuff.  December brought in Lighting 1 and the math class that I ended up testing out of… THANK GOD.  It was so cool finally getting to play with some equipment and getting our hands are some real gear.  We learned about lighting techniques, the different fixtures, and the disgusting terms that the lighting department uses.  I don’t want to know the story behind a “butt plug.”  The most amazing teacher was a part of that class, and got us all stoked to be doing some awesome stuff.  Shout out to everyone who works in Candyland, they are all pretty cool dudes.  Here comes January!  Yay!  My birthday was in the beginning of the month; my very first birthday without my family.  It was so strange not to have them with me, but my friends made it a very awesome day.  I’m so appreciate to have people that care about me down here too. 🙂  Lighting 2 and Sound for Film were both excellent classes. We had a ridiculous teacher for Lighting 2 and by ridiculous, I mean ridiculously good.  Over the top with his dirty jokes, and remarks, but also a very good teacher.  Loved that class.  Sound for Film was so interesting and taught me about the delicate art that is sound.  It’s such an essential part to filmmaking that is so often overlooked.  It even sparked an interest in a possible job in sound for me.  Again, great teachers and a great time.

Back to present day!  This month has been hectic and literally has flown by.  Digital Cinematography 1 and Directing for Film have been the most kick ass classes.  We’ve learned the gist of filmmaking, and the pieces are starting to come together.  We worked on multiple films in groups where I was a Script Supervisor, then Actor, then Writer, and finally Director of Photography. It’s been sick to gradually work myself up into a more prominent position.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it.  In DCI we are doing Pre-Pro work for our first student production.  I was selected as the Production Designer, based on my designs.  It was soo sick to get that position and work on creating the look for our film. Today, we did our casting call for the film, “Dispatch.”  I’m super looking forward to seeing our film come to life in the month to come.

The January Thaw:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOFvXliEggY

Meanwhile, I got some exciting news.  I was selected by the American Pavilion to travel to the south of France in May to attend the Cannes Film Festival.  There I will on the sound team who is in charge of the panel discussions.  I am so beyond pumped to be going on this trip, and even more so because one of my best friends is coming with me!  Be on the look for photos of Tyler and I at the film festival having the time of our lives.  So thrilled.

I’ll be writing once a week now.  For sure, I’m keeping myself to that.  Shorter posts, once a week.  Seems easy enough.

Thanks if you’re reading this, you rock.

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