Starting my 8th Month

I was super excited to finish up this past month at Full Sail.  We started pre-pro for our commercial shoot and short film in Digital Cinematography 1.  I finished Directing class, and came out with some pretty cool projects.  We’re beginning our shoots soon in the coming week for our commercial.  Interestingly enough, our projects at Full Sail are more about how we work together as a group, than how our final project comes out.  It’s a fine line to walk being a student, but being assigned a role on a film.  You have to be understanding of those around and know that they have a say; but also be assertive in your position and do your job.  I’ve noticed that it’s hard sometimes to stay within your position and do just that; your job.  It’s an exciting time.  We’re learning the inner workings of a film set and how to work with one another without completely butting heads.  It should be a great learning experience all together.

You can see my Directing class project Matchpoint here. I edited and performed in it.

Today was my first Film Production Management class.  Wicked amazing teachers, and the material itself was pretty sick.  We talked about the history of the music video today, and the different styles of shooting them.  It was nice going back in history and hearing the music of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.  I’ve always been a classic rock lover, but hearing about the passion of the Doors and the Beatles and what they put into their music videos was so sick.  I think that having an appreciation for older music is so important.  One of my biggest fears is that my kids won’t know classic rock.  They’ll know Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande as the music of my childhood.  It’s a frightening thought.  But recently I talked with my cousin who had a pretty good take on that fear.  He talked about how none of our music of today actually lasts that long.  People listen to a song over and over again and then forget about it after a year or so.  The music of my parent’s time has prevailed even after 40 years.  No matter what, my kids will know the classics.  They’ll know the importance of great music, and where it came from.  Music that has meaning, and a deep emotion associated with it.

Anyways… I am currently working on piecing together something for the Cannes Short Film Contest for students, so that when we head over there I have something to share.  It’ll be a good little project when I’m done.

This week I have some of my cousins, Nolan, Matthew, Mark and his girlfriend, Emilie staying with me.  It’s been the best time, and I absolutely love having my family here with me.  It makes me look forward to my one week at the Lake in Maine this summer so much more!  There’s really nothing more important than your family, and I’m so lucky and grateful to be a part of such an awesome one.

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