Kayaking at Wekiwa & Coming Home!

Another week has flown by.  I’ve seriously had too good of time.  This past week in Florida, my cousins all came down to visit me! We went to Wekiwa Springs to go kayaking, mini golfed and held alligators, played video games, watched movies, and even visited the Orlando Watersport Complex!  I recommend visiting Wekiwa if you live in Florida or are temporarily there like I am! It’s a beautiful little nook in central Florida that doesn’t feel too “Florida-y”  hahaha.. seriously, it’s a cute place with lots of outdoor activities including kayaking, canoeing, swimming, snorkeling, and biking all while seeing the alligators and turtles right at your feet!  Check out our video of our time there!

The OWC is the sickest place I’ve come across while in Orlando.  The good vibes and awesome people make it something that I really look forward to visiting sometime again soon.  People were so laid back and cool, and even if you didn’t want to wakeboard it really is an amazing place to just grab some lunch and watch some serious pros tackle some of the most insane tricks in wakeboarding and wakeskating.  Being a decent water sport person I thoroughly enjoyed this place and hope to be back again soon!


It was a total bummer saying goodbye to my cousins and Emilie, but I soon found out that I would be leaving Florida again soon!  Meaning, the day after!  My spontaneous trip back home to Connecticut is one that is much needed and I’ve been so beyond happy to be back here again.  Honestly, I don’t think I could have made it until April.  Hopping on the plane back to CT felt so good.  To be surrounded once more by my decked out in UCONN gear New England-ers felt just like home.  These are my people.  From the plane I could see the snow begin to show as we climbed up the East Coast and I couldn’t do anything but smile.  I love my winter, and I love the seasons.  It feels so good to be back home, in my PJ’s, writing from our couch with our dogs napping nearby.  I’ve missed it a great deal.

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 10.42.25 AM Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 10.42.32 AM

This week I’ll be taking portrait photographs for a friend in modeling, playing in my school band once more, skiing in Vermont, and hanging with Pat and my family playing Scrabble and eating Plum Tomato.  It really is the little things in life.  🙂

Being over 1000 miles away from home has taught me a lot about myself.  The most obvious ones are that I don’t like being that far away from my family, and that I truly come from the world’s greatest.  I wouldn’t trade them for anything.  Abbott, Mom, and Dad: You guys mean everything to me and I’m the person I am today because of it.

Can’t wait for the week ahead!

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 10.42.41 AM

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