Wrapping Up Our 16mm Film

Three weeks or so since my last post, and I am exhausted.  So much has happened in such a short amount of time.  I went home and spent time with family and friends, went skiing, played some music and even had a quickie photography gig.  I came back to Florida and jumped into our first production in Digital Cinematography.  I worked as the Production Designer on our film, Dispatch.  It was a story about a newly married couple who live in New England.  The wife is at home in the study and the husband is working the late shift at his new job as a 911 officer.  The wife hears a noise outside, and calls the husband stressed who simply tells her to relax.  Moments later when she hears a louder crack, she dials 911.  The husband picks up and in realizing that it is his wife, begins to panic.  The back and forth conversation is pretty exciting and was beautifully written by a few of my classmates.  It was a serious struggle dealing with getting the props, due to the minimal budget we had.  The Art Director, DeShawn was amazing with getting in contact with people who could help us out, and our Director Deion was a great leader throughout the process.  Miraculously it all pulled together in the end, and we put together a beautiful and intricate set. It’s something I will always be proud of, and I’m so stoked that we were able to do it.  DCI is often looked down upon because it’s the first production of your education.  I think my group really joined together to make something great, that defies all the previous opinions of the course.  We’ll be creating our Wrap Book in the next few days and working with the animation class to create a composite shot to use in the film.  Next month we’ll edit the film together! 22694_938043306246438_6149674400433508062_n 11069856_938043676246401_449260507509829831_n

I’ll be heading home in 10 days to spend Easter with my family.  I’m so lucky to have them as my family, and I’m so unbelievably excited to be heading back.  In the meantime I’ll be editing a ski edit, a wedding video, working on another project for a friend, and finishing my film for Cannes.  I’m feeling really really good about the next few months.  I feel myself coming into my own down here in Florida.  Feels pretty amazing.

Here are some of my favorite shots from my shoot with Briana! 🙂

IMG_4114 IMG_4303 copy 2

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