Documentary Class & Getting Pumped for France!

FullSizeRenderToday marks 1 week until I’ll be back in Connecticut, and 2 weeks until I’m on a plane headed for Nice, France.  Life is going to start moving really fast, and I can’t tell you enough how badly I want that to happen. In the mean time, I’ve been spending time at the pool, re-reading one of my favorite books, “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.”  I’ve always been reading, “Curiosity, The Secret to a Bigger Life.”  It’s absolutely an amazing book written by film and TV producer Brian Grazer.  Reading has always been an important par of my life, but lately it’s taken over a little bit more.  I also picked up an English-French phrase book in preparation for my trip, and the Virgin’s Guide to the Cannes Film Festival.

Besides just lounging about and filling my mind, I’ve been going to school and spending time with friends down here. Currently I’m in Documentary Filmmaking and Editing.  Both are good classes, although I much rather prefer the Editing class.  Editing is my main focus while in film school, and this class has opened my eyes to the importance of organization and the “rough cut.”  A perfectionist myself, wrapping my head around the rough cut has been a difficult one, but so rewarding. Instead of putting together a piece perfectly the first time, I’ve now learned that you should literally throw it together, and fine touch later on.  It saves time, and most importantly, in the real world, money.  Documentary is informative, and to the point.  However, it is not an area of filmmaking that I’m very interested in working in.  I do love a good story, but I like the certainty and trust in a scripted movie.  I want a shot list, a script, and information on how to put a movie together.  Not a simple guideline to figure out later on.  We are doingIMG_0520 all the pre-pro for the Documentary film, Coupé, which is the story about a young female dancer who experiences bullying about her weight.  I will not be at the shoot, as it takes place next month when I am gone.  It’s a compelling story that I’m proud to have been a part of.  Plus, we’ve gotten to work with the Canon C100, which for years has been a dream of mine.  Our DCI shoot from the previous month is what our class is working on in Editing.  The story is getting old in my head, but it’s been an impressive experience watching it all come together.  Ambience, sound effects, working on dialogue, music, transitions, titling, and final color correction are all a part of this grand process. The edit should be wrapped up sometime early next week; leaving a practical exam and a final exam.

Besides a minor mishap involving my car a few days ago, everything has been going super smooth down here!  Lesson learned about following too closely… I swear to God, driving in Florida is like nothing else in the world.  I’m safe, the car will be fixed while I’m away, so no worries!! 🙂

I’ve been spending a lot of time on planes lately, and I’ve noticed how much fun traveling can be.  People who don’t travel often make a big deal about everything. There’s no need to stress!  Everyone is going somewhere important, just like you, and the people at the airports are there to help.  I think you just have to be aware of your time, and take things as they come. My favorite part about going anywhere is the getting there part.  I love the early morning, quickie breakfast, checking baggage, printing the ticket, working with TSA, waiting for the plane, and finally boarding.  There’s nothing more exciting than a plane about to take off.  Oh and I can’t forget about the little drinks and snacks… they make me feel so fancy 🙂

Looking forward to my big trip, and finally getting a stamp in my passport.


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