It’s Been a Bit. (Re-Cap of Cannes)


It’s been about 4 months since my latest entry to this blog.  I seriously fell through with keeping this weekly, and my second goal of monthly.  A quarterly blog would be more fitting for me I suppose. What’s happened in the last few months….

Well, I did go to Cannes.  The Cannes Film Festival was a spectacle and a half.  I worked with the American Pavilion on the videography team filming events and panel discussions with distinguished guests such as, Amy Poehler, John C. Reilly, Salma Hayek, and the cast of Dope. When I wasn’t working, I was running around the festival watching movies, attending roundtables and eating at the dozens of cafes in the city.  Right on the French Riviera, Cannes was a quaint little harbor town that for 10 days of the year gets tricked out to welcome people from all around the world, ready to take on the film industry while rocking a great outfit.  I really had never seen so many beautiful people before.  While there I also took a trip out to a few of the islands to visit the Monastery and to get some history of Cannes.  It was a gorgeous place to visit, and the scenery was incredible.  Another day my friend Tyler and I went to Monaco and had lunch at the Aurora Cafe where I ate spaghetti carbonara that was to die for.  We took the hour long train in and out and experienced a whole new world while in Monaco.  It was by far my favorite day.

I walked the red carpet, watched films amongst movie stars in the Lumiere Theatre, and had my first adventure outside of the United States with my best friend beside me.  This trip taught me a whole lot about being in a different place and just how big the world really is.  Film is an art form that brings people together; a universal language that we can all understand.

The whole experience was something that was different than that expected, but in all was a very educational and inspirational trip.  I’m glad I made the haul to France and did what I did there.  While there I also had a film playing in the short film corner, Return to Jackson.  I’m very pleased to say that I have had a film at Cannes, and that I attended the festival.  It is a trip that I will always remember.

Photos by Aurora Hooper & Tyler Beals 🙂

IMG_0135IMG_5578IMG_5508IMG_5547IMG_5550IMG_5325    IMG_5363IMG_5320  IMG_5288  IMG_3928IMG_5179 IMG_4161 IMG_4151 IMG_4088 IMG_4041  IMG_4030 IMG_3893 IMG_3841 IMG_1526 IMG_1509 IMG_1428 IMG_1391 IMG_1323 IMG_1310 IMG_1280 IMG_1265 IMG_1172 IMG_1166  11351221_932194806831570_2299520999905683317_nIMG_1103IMG_5471IMG_1116  IMG_0917IMG_1003IMG_1004 IMG_1001 IMG_0968   IMG_0402  IMG_0242

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