Production Design, Cinematography & Donuts


As September classes come to a close, I thought I would give an update on what I’ve been up to for the past few weeks.  After spending a quick weekend in Ocean Park, Maine with my family, I was feeling refreshed and ready to start a rather difficult month at Full Sail.  I believe this past month was my 13th, or maybe it was my 14th… You really do start to lose track!  Anyways, for this month I had Production Design opposite Cinematography.  The production design class was hands down the most difficult class so far at Full Sail.  We used a program called Vectorworks, which wasn’t out of my reach, but just a tedious program.  We practiced designing sets, and even had to re-create the set from Hitchcock’s Rope.  Our final project involved designing a set of our choice for our 16mm Production class coming up next month.  This screenshot is an aerial view of my design for a police station for the short film, Backgammon.

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 4.15.33 PM

My other class, Cinematography wasn’t entirely too interesting. It was basically just a re-cap of our photography class back in October of last year.  We learned once again how f-stops, apertures, and ISOs work.  The highlight of this class was working with the ARRI Alexa camera.  It’s actually a beautiful camera, both picture wise but also in it’s intuitiveness when it comes to operating it.  Our practical test involved setting up the camera’s menus and working with the interface to prepare it for a shoot. For such a high-tech piece of equipment, it’s remarkable how user friendly it really is.

Here I’m on set with Owen and Olen working on our short film, Red Rabbit.  We had to shoot a western film, and were required to use a lantern.


While these classes were going on, our portfolios for 16mm Production were also due.  For our first production class we began by voting on 8 different scripts and the top 4 were chosen to be made.  We then chose what film we would be most interested in working on, and were instructed to create a portfolio including our resume, cover letter, portrait, a questionnaire, and whatever other unique requirements for each job we wanted.  I am most interested in editing, however, editor is not a position yet… so I chose to go with VTR, Script Supervisor, and then Casting Director.  My portfolio included a lined script, character descriptions, and sample sides and a casting flier.  I’m super proud of how the portfolio came out and am looking forward to getting my movie and job position tomorrow!

Somewhere in the middle of the month I worked on a short film called, Sign Here.  I like the composition of the film, and I really enjoyed the script that my friend, Ahmad wrote.  In this scene my friend Jason and I are getting a divorce at the ripe of of 19… although I don’t look the part, it’s still pretty cool!  Check out Jason’s blog:

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 6.20.30 PM

Lastly, about 2 months ago, I was asked to work on a short series called, Donut Cops.  I was very nervous about meeting new people in a new class after losing a month to go to France, but I’m so happy to have found a group of people who have similar aspirations and a passion for filmmaking that I do.  Their creativity for Donut Cops is beyond anything that I have ever seen and I’m very honored that they asked me to be a part of it.  In the series I play the president’s daughter, and get to have fun with some of the cops….  I can’t say enough nice things about the guys that make these shorts… but I’m super happy to call them my closest friends down here.

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 4.06.46 PM

I’m looking forward to some cooler weather here in Florida.  The New Englander in me craves the crisp days of October… but I’m stuck with 85 degrees.  There’s no sarcasm when I say that either… I really really really miss home and everything that there is to do with Fall. Thanksgiving cannot come soon enough!  Luckily, this is my last Fall in Florida.  Actually every single coming month is my last “insert month” Florida.  Come on May!!

In the coming week I hope to finish my Into the Lake video for this year.  Personally I think it’s my best editing work ever, so I’m so psyched to share it.  Look for a link on my Facebook, or I’ll probably post something here.  Hope you’re doing well, and thanks for reading!

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